2022 Caucus Attendee Data

Despite being contactless, the 2022 precinct caucuses were some of our best-attended yet! There are liable to be duplicates in here, but from a raw data perspective, we received over 1,000 emails, form submissions, and dropped-off forms.

To find out whether we received your non-attendee form, open this spreadsheet, scroll down to your precinct, and then locate the row containing your first and last initials as well as house number, and then look in the last column to see whether you indicated your interest to be nominated as a delegate or alternate. (We have omitted street names, cities, and full names in order to reduce the amount of personal details visible to phishers/scammers.) This is the raw data we received from caucus attendees, so some of the precinct information might be incorrect or invalid.

If you believe that you attempted to attend the contactless precinct caucuses, but you cannot find yourself on this spreadsheet, please collect all supporting documentation (such as your non-attendee form PDF, your Google form confirmation email, etc.) and send an email with your details and concerns to sd66dfl@gmail.com. We will endeavor to get back to you within a week.

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