2022 Delegates and Alternates

To find out whether you were elected as a delegate or an alternate for the 2022 endorsing convention, open this PDF, scroll down to your precinct, and then locate the row containing your first and last initials as well as house number, and then look in the last column to see whether you were elected as a delegate or alternate. (We have omitted street names, cities, and full names in order to reduce the amount of personal details visible to phishers/scammers.) A video from 2/10 documenting the process by which delegates were elected will be made available to the Credentials Committee.

If you believe that you indicated your interest in being a delegate, but you cannot find yourself on this list, please collect all supporting documentation (such as your non-attendee form PDF, your Google form confirmation email, etc.) and send an email with your details and concerns to sd66dfl@gmail.com. Please include “Credentials” in the subject of your email to more quickly connect you to the appropriate party.

Important: This list has not been credentialed and is subject to change. For example, some of the delegates may have listed the wrong precinct on their non-attendee form, and thus were elected to a precinct where they do not have residency. The Credentials Pre-Convention Committee will consider and resolve these issues.

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