How to Vote Early in MN

Early voting has begun! To all the pre-registered voters: you can request a mail-in ballot by going to

The Vote by Mail Process

Step 1: Request your mail-in ballot. You may do this by visiting or by visiting the Secretary of State’s website You may also request your ballot by mailing an application to the Secretary of State.

Step 2: You can track the status of your ballot request using

Step 3: Ballots will be mailed 46 days before the general election, which is Sept 18. You can track when your ballot is mailed at ​​.

Step 4: Fill out and return your ballot following the simple instructions enclosed. Make sure to sign your envelope. ​You will NOT need to pay for postage to return your ballot. ​Note that a witness signature is not required, which is a change from past years. ​Ballots must be postmarked by election day but we recommend turning in your ballot as early as possible.

Step 5: You can check ​​ to see when your ballot has been received!

Voting Early In-Person

Beginning Sept. 18, Ramsey County voters may vote in-person by using an absentee ballot at three locations. Eligible voters may visit any location, regardless of their home address. Ballots do not need to be requested in advance. For more information, visit

Counties have received millions of dollars to provide PPE, including masks, to every voter who needs one. They will also provide sanitized pens, hand sanitizer, and will be continuously cleaning polling locations throughout the day.

Ramsey County Absentee in-person voting sites

These sites are open Sept 18 – Nov. 2, 2020:

Additional sites opening Oct. 27

Additional in-person absentee voting sites will open Oct. 27. Locations and times will be posted when finalized.


Q: Do I need to give a reason for voting from home?

A: ​No. Any eligible voter in Minnesota may request a mail-in ballot. No reason is needed.

Q: Do I need a stamp to return my mail-in ballot?

A: ​No. Postage is prepaid on the return envelope provided with your ballot.

Q: What do I need to vote from home?

A:​ You must be an eligible voter in the state of Minnesota. You will need the last 4 digits of your social security number or your MN driver’s license number to request your ballot be sent to your home.

Q: How can I be sure my ballot is counted?

A: ​You can track the status of your ballot at

Q: If I am not yet registered to vote can I still vote from home?

A: ​Yes. If you are an eligible voter but unregistered, you will receive a voter registration form to return along with your mail-in ballot. Note that this voter registration form ​will ​require the signature of a witness.

Q: If I voted by mail in the primary do I still need to request a ballot?

A: ​It depends. If you checked the box for the general election you are all set. You can check your status here: ​

Q: What if I change my mind and decide I want to vote on Election Day?

A: ​If you have received/requested a mail-in ballot and decide instead to vote on Election Day, as long as you have not submitted your mail-in ballot, you may show up at the polls and cast your vote as you normally would.

Q: When will ballots be sent out?

A: ​Ballots will be sent out 46 days prior to Election Day, September 18th. You can track when your ballot was mailed here ​

Q: Where can I go if I have more questions?

A: We’re here to help! Call us any time at 833-DFL-VOTE

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