June Meeting Rescheduled to 7/6

I hope you are all staying well amidst everything going on. After the acute horror of George Floyd’s killing on top of decades of systemic oppression, the communities in St. Paul and Minneapolis are hurting. Our hearts go out to everyone in pain and calling for justice, and to any who have been affected by the events of the past few nights.

This is an extraordinary time. We were looking forward to moving on to the next term in our senate district, but between COVID-19, the protests, and exhaustion on the part of our volunteers, we don’t feel prepared to turn that page yet. There have been reports of internet outages by some of our St. Paul neighbors, and the State DFL has postponed their convention to allow time for healing. Given those circumstances and the fact that we don’t have enough candidates to adequately fill the executive committee slate, we don’t think that Monday is the right time for us to hold elections or a central committee meeting.

Our chair is postponing our meeting to 6:30pm on Monday, July 6th, which will still be held on Zoom.

We are going to take the coming weeks to regroup and reach out to people to help us fill out nominations for our executive committee and other positions. If you or anyone you know in the district is willing to volunteer, please visit this page.

Thank you, and hang in there.

Ryan Lee and Katrina Lee
Chair and Vice Chair, SD66 DFL

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